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Make cheap international calls to Cayman Islands landline from UK

Country code to call Cayman Islands is: +1345
for cheapest call charges to Cayman Islands mobile click here

Low cost, cheap international telephone call prices shown on our website are in UK pence per minute when you dialing Cayman Islands telephone from a BT phone landline. If you're using your mobile phone to dial, or dialing from a different network telephone you could be surcharged by your telecom operator. This depends on your telecom operator and on the phone tariff you are on. Get in touch with your operator to check if they surcharge on calls made to these numbers. If you are using a BT phone line for international call, you may look at BT's website to confirm the prices of calls to the specialised numbers used by call-through companies. These numbers are regulated by OFCOM, the UK regulator. Overall, it is normal practice for all phone companies in the UK to adhere to the charging structure set by OFCOM. If you require further information on the charging structure you can contact OFCOM on 0845 456 3000 or visit their website at www.ofcom.org.uk

How to make cheap international calls using call-through companies:

  1. Dial the access number for the country you would like to call.
  2. At the prompt dial the international number starting with "00" and destination number.
  3. Your international call's low rate will then be conveniently charged to your current phone bill.
Company Access number to dial Rate p/min Company web page
Just-Dial 0844 431 8384 3 p visit
Story Telecom 0844 901 1285 4 p visit
Cherry Call 0843 721 4000 4 p visit
Auracall 0844 901 5559 4 p visit
TeleNatter 0843 711 6200 5 p -
Premium Service 0872 546 1111 6 p -
TalkingNumber 0871 537 7766 6 p visit
TalknTalk 0871 756 9343 6 p visit
iTalk 0871 537 9566 6 p visit
Cheers 0871 756 9838 6 p visit
RingSID 0871 499 0806 8 p visit
ParrotTel 0872 165 0484 8 p -
RebTel 8.28 p -
JustCall 0911 921 6047 13 p visit
Call2Call 0913 015 0111 13 p visit
Firstnumber 0905 771 5261 15 p visit

Low cost international calls without having to purchase phone cards! Some times the 'lowest rate' cost numbers are inaccessible at times due to capacity problems, use other company's call-through telephone numbers to make cheap long distance calls. No accounts to open - No pre-payment - No additional bills - No credit card payments

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