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Cheap, low cost international and long distance calls from Ireland

Make cheap international calls from Ireland, spend more time talking to your favourite people. Here you'll find international telephone call from Ireland rate price comparison for two most popular low cost international and long distance call phone companies operating in the Ireland: Telestunt and Cheapcalls. With these companies, international phone calls from the Ireland could cost you as little as Local Rate cost* - cheap international calls are just a dial away.

Easy access to cheap international calls from every telephone in Ireland!
Select the destination you wish to call from a drop down lists below, choose wich company offers the best price for your international destination and dial the appropriate access number. As soon as you are connected enter the international telephone number you wish to call (incl 00 & country code) and wait to be connected - start talking without any registration!

Cheapcalls prices (upd 10 Jan 2007)
Calls to landlines cost:
Via access number:
Calls to mobiles cost:
Via access number:

Prices are in cents per minute, including VAT.

Telestunt prices (upd 10 Jan 2007)
Calls to landlines cost:
Via access number:
Calls to mobiles cost:
Via access number:

Prices are in cents per minute, including VAT.

Please be aware that Irish mobile operators may surcharge calls to these access numbers. The rates stated are based on Eircom rates, for all other operators please check with your provider for the rates they charge to these access numbers.

*/** Eircom charges to 1890 local rate and 0818 national rate numbers:

* Local rate: Sa-Su: 1.26 ct/min
Mo-Fr 6pm/8am: 1.26 ct/min
Mo-Fr 8am/6pm: 4.92 ct/min

** National rate: Sa-Su: 4.92 ct/min
Mo-Fr 6pm/8am: 4.92 ct/min
Mo-Fr 8am/6pm: 8.17 ct/min

DISCLAIMER: we can not guarantee that these details will always be up-to-date or accurate (even when updated). Please check with the companies for their latest details.

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Cheap international telephone calls from Ireland compared here, find the lowest price for your international phone call.

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Attention other cheap international calls companies in Ireland!
If you would like us to include your rates in our comparison, send your details to us for consideration at rates@internationalcheapcalls.com .  

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